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PolymathGeek Goes To Mauritius: Part 0:In Which We Get Lost In A Dubai Shoppping Mall On The Way To Mauritius!

A trip to Mauritius was on the cards for a long time. When I was getting married, Mauritius was one of the honeymoon destinations that Pallavi and I thought about. Singapore was where we eventually decided to go for our honeymoon, but Mauritius was always in the list.

Anyways, for our second wedding anniversary, we decided to lay this craving to rest.

Pretty soon our bookings were done. We used a travel agent called Hoysala Tours and Travels and we were ready to go.

Helpful Hint:

Mauritius has tourist VISA on arrival. So, minimum of VISA related fuss.

We were booked to Mauritius on Emirates flight via Dubai, i.e, we had to switch flights in Dubai.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

Do As I Say and Don’t Do As I Do:

Always try to book a direct flight to Mauritius if you are flying there from India.Taking a connecting flight via Dubai adds about 4-5 hours to your travel time.

On the plus side though, we got to see the Dubai airport and boy what an airport!!!

Dubai airport is HUGE!!! It is also built for trade, commerce, business, vyaapar and even money making ! 🙂 In other words, Dubai airport is one massive, duty free shopping mall which also has a few planes taking off and landing here and there and a few pesky passengers wasting space and oxygen.

Anyways we left Bangalore on the 27th of November and reached Mauritius on the same day. The travel agent rep was waiting for us and we settled down for an hour long drive to our hotel: Le Surcouf.

Our driver was a Mauritian of Indian descent named Satish. From our conversation with Satish and by looking at the Mauritian countryside, we got the following facts:

1. Sugarcane is grown everywhere and I mean everywhere.

2. Water is an expensive commodity in Mauritius. Most hotels serve only mineral water on demand for which they charge a premium. That’s right! Unlike India, as soon as you step into a hotel, a waiter is not likely to plonk down glasses of water on your table. It is better to buy mineral water bottles at convenience stores and use them. Even these are expensive but are still cheaper than paying exorbitant rates for the same at the hotel.

3. Extremely good roads. Disciplined driving. One big city(Port Louis: the capital). Rest small towns and villages.

4. Everything shuts down at around 4 pm. When we were driving down, all we could see was closed shops.

Anyways we reached our hotel at around 6 pm local time and finished off the check in formalities. Since we were a little tired, we had an early dinner and went off to sleep. Our Mauritian holiday had just begun!

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