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F 117 Stealth Fighter Origami

Lockheed F-117 is a stealthy ground attack aircraft which was formerly operated by the US Air Force. Basically the weird, angular shape of this plane makes it very very difficult to catch on a Radar. What all that Geek and Latin means is:

If you can’t sees it, you can’t shoots it.

Anyways, I wanted to make an Origami model of the F117 Nighthawk. Tried it with this Youtube tutorial and got a quite a decent looking model.

But after the initial satisfaction had died down, I wanted to fold a more realistic looking model (ahh yes… I am beginning to get the symptoms of Origaminsanity: the uncontrollable urge to make a more realistic, more “3D” model).

Anyways, I initially tried to fold this model by myself without any external assistance.

And I was promptly shot down (zing!) by the vengeful Origami gods!

Hmmm.. whats a PolymathGeek to do ?

After my initial attempts crashed and burned (zing again!), I decided to bug out(zing once again! Am I am on fire today or what!) to the friendly airbase of Youtube for rest and refueling.

There I found this model which was fairly realistic and presented a great 3 dimensional representation of this awesome bomber. I was particularly impressed by the way the engine intakes were folded.

That was it. Mission Goblin Flight was a go.

Mission Objectives:

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to:

Fold an Origami model of the F-117 stealth fighter. Make weird airplane engine noises while you are folding it to ensure maximum annoyance to the wifey. Quoting dialogues from the Top Gun movie to the further annoyance of the wifey will earn you the medal of the Order of PolymathGeek, Second Class.

On to the Pre Flight Checklist:

  1. Black A4 Sheet: Check
  2. You tube video: check
  3. Hard board: Check
  4. Cup of Masala Chai: Check
  5. Top Gun them song playing in the background: Check.

and with that checklist completed, I started following the video and started folding the F117.

This particular Origami model I would categorize as being of Easy Difficulty level. There were no weird folds. The video was straightforward and easy to follow. You don’t need to be an Olympic gymnast or a concert pianist to fold this one.

And finally two cups of Masala Chai later, The F-117 was complete.

And this is how the F117 came out looking:


And this is how an actual F117 looks like:


That looks amazingly realistic! Hat Tip to the creator of this model.

Mission Accomplished! Promotions all around 🙂

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