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You say you don’t get it? Well, it is Art :)

First Attempt At Fruit Art!

Our first attempt at fruit art. From apples to ducks(well almost)…













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Pallavi Makes a Penguin

Origami has always interested me. There is something special about the way a piece of paper takes shape in your hands and slowly over a series of steps turns into a work of art.

I have always felt that Origami is an art for anybody. Anybody can do it. Such art forms hold a deep fascination for me. Decorative knotting, Origami etc are art forms which don’t require tons of starting material or even any great “artistic capability”. They require a certain interest in the art form, a certain dogged patience and the ability to see the big picture. Anytime you get bored of making the same old folds or tying the same old knots, you have to visualize the final model and keep going.

At the end of a busy day’s work Origami has always calmed me down and helped me to regain my focus. As Sherlock Holmes once said “A change of work is the best rest”.

Moving on, I was introduced to “Modular Origami” by my wife Pallavi when she made a really beautiful decorative piece for our wedding.

Later we lost touch with this craft for a while but Pallavi decided to start off with Modular Origami again after a gap of almost 2 years.

I asked her to start off by making a huge Origami dragon and she decided thankfully and wisely to start off with something simpler.

She decided to start with a simple model of an Origami Penguin for our showcase.

Modular Origami consists of:

1. Making building blocks for the model which are made like this:

2. Then you make more of these “modules”.


3. And by more, I mean many, many, many more


4. And some more…


5. Finally you start assembling them together. To make the Penguin, she used the video instruction below:

6. And viola! The Origami Penguin was ready.


Only glue used was to stick the beak and the eyes. The eyes we bought from a store called Itsy Bitsy.

Now you can say “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

This Penguin has found a pride of place on our showcase. Pallavi went on to make some more beautiful models like a swan, a very very difficult to assemble fish and an even more bigger tray shaped like a swan for my brother’s wedding. She is now thinking of something really really big. I can’t wait to find out! 🙂

I will be writing about these models in the future.

The great thing about Modular Origami is that there is a very vibrant and helpful community of artists on the net to help out a newbie. Youtube is full of videos for models ranging from simple fist sized models to huge, extremely complex models which can take days to assemble.

For me, the best part is the joy Pallavi gets out of creating these models and the way her eyes light up when guests to our house compliment her on the models in our showcase.

WIN for everybody 🙂

Has anybody else done something similar? Please drop me a line. Pallavi and I would love to find out what you did!

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Of Decorative Knotting, Gift Giving and a bunch of Silly Geeks!

I came across the art of Decorative Knotting quite by accident. I was searching online for something completely different when I stumbled upon this art form.

So what is decorative knotting? It consists of creating different patterns of knots, loops and braids in a piece of string to create artistic masterpieces.

I liked this art form because:

1. It is relatively easy to do. Just requires a bit of patience.
2. Lots of resources online to help out a beginner.
3. Make for really good decoration pieces around the house (shameless show off that I am).
4. Great conversation starters 🙂

I bought a few rolls of different coloured string (The story of how my Wife and I went about getting the right type of string is a saga of epic proportions deserving a face melting guitar solo and another blog post). For my first attempt I decided to make this:

De Ana Star

I found the video instructions here:

Anyways, making this piece was not all that difficult. The video was very clear and well made and I am a great copy cat :). The challenge was something else.

Now we come to my wicked, ulterior motives for making this piece of art. My wife Pallavi had encouraged me so much to start with this that I wanted to do something special for her. I wanted to make this piece as a gift for her. The piece I selected was perfect as a cute little key chain or maybe even a funky necklace.

The tough part was to do it without her coming to know. Hmm…

Enter the office commute to the rescue.

I spend about 2 hours everyday commuting to and from my office. So the time was perfect for some sneaky surprise gift making. Or so I thought….

Working on an art project in a bus full of Engineers comes with (warning: groan inducing pun follows) a lot of strings attached.

After getting a few weird comments and questions from my co-passengers like:

1. Dude, why are you playing with string?
2. Dude, seriously! are you knitting a sweater?
3. Dude, you are an Aerospace test engineer doing artsy fartsy stuff with string. You have violated the code of geekdom! You will have to display the wallpaper of shame on your desktop for one month!

Wallpaper of shame.

Anyways after an interminably long duration (45 mins) of juggling an android phone(containing the video), 1 m of (Orange coloured. Shut Up!) string and (un)wisecracks from my co-workers (mental note: next project Build a Flamethrower), The Star Key Chain was done!

It looked like this.

The Completed Piece

Not a bad start even if I say so meself!

The look on Pallavi’s face was priceless.

Epic Win!

All in all a great start to a superb art form.

Anybody out there tried something similar? Please send me your pics and I will share them here.

Some resources for beginners:

Fusion Knots

Fusion Knots Videos

De’Ana Star Sinnet Image Courtesy of Fusion Knots.


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